Prof. Dr. Md. Musharaf Hossain

Vice Chancellor, CCN-UST


Prof. Dr. AKM Asaduzzaman

Pro Vice-Chancellor (Current Charge), CCN-UST

Prof. Dr. Ali Hossain Chowdhury

Treasurer, CCN-UST

Members (Nominated by Vice Chancellor)

Prof. Dr. Milan Kumar Bhattacharjee

Treasurer, University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh

Prof. Dr. Md. Shah Jahan

Dean, Faculty of Engineering, CCN-UST

Prof. Dr. Md. Mesbah Uddin Ahmed

Chairman, Dept. of Mathematics, CCN-UST

Members (Nominated by Government of Bangladesh)

Quazi Monirul Islam

Additional Secretary, Ministry of Education, GoB

Members (Nominated by Board of Trustees, CCN-UST)

Prof. Dr. MG Azam

Member, Board of Trustees, CCN-UST

Md. Haider Ali Mollah

Member, Board of Trustees, CCN-UST

Tashfin Ul Islam

Member, Board of Trustees, CCN-UST

Members (Nominated by University Grants Commission (UGC)

Dr. Dulal Chandra Nandi

Dean, Faculty of Science, Comilla University

Member Secretary

Prof. Dr. Engr. Md. Shah Jahan

Registrar (Additional Charge), CCN-UST